Open DoVision

Virtual reality at your disposal.

Open DoVision is an open-source virtual reality headset that support ALL the games and applications in the world.

Virtual reality at your disposal.

The Open DoVision isn't simply a virtual reality device - it's a full set of tools made for everyone to explore the VR technology. Powerful, yet designed out of simplicity. Versatile, but incredibly easy to modify. With a high-resolution display accompanied with low-latency sensor board. It's a remarkable starting point where functionality and openness seamlessly meet, creating the most open, yet accessible virtual reality headset in the world.

Open DoVision

Open source first.

The source is the first thing you need to make something brilliant out of original Open DoVision. So it has to be open. And with full embedded projects on GitHub, all of 3D-print-ready models on Thingiverse, and comprehensive wiki and docs, it is.

Universal and omnipotent.

With universal HID protocol you can enjoy playing virtual reality games on Windows, Linux, Mac, and more.

Open DoVision also can be a flying mouse - a USB HID that move the cursor according to real-world movement to simulate tracking result on the games that don't support Open DoVision. And after slightly change the structure of the Open DoVision, you can play the games that don't even support virtual reality rendering.

Open DoVision can take HDMI, VGA, or AV as a video feed. That means you can use the Open DoVision in virtually everywhere that render out one of these three the most common video feeds. Your laptop, PC, or Xbox.

Gaming is only a small part of what Open DoVision can do. Together with many other features like extensible design, it can be a private cinema, FPV goggle or whatever you want. just change one part, and here you go.

Simple and Extensible

Simple and extensible.

To create a open-source virtual reality headset that's powerful, yet simple to use and develop and 3D-print-ready, each detail was meticulously designed, crafted, and tested until Open DoVision had an elegantly simple form.